Welcome to the largest collection of reproduction US Military Insignia in Sterling Silver in the world. We also make many current insignia in sterling and gold and in almost all cases we are the only source for that insignia. We have been adding to the list of products on a steady basis, so come back often.


We make over 450 charms and tie tacks of military aircraft and insignia. To many to list with each price etc. Send me an e-mail if you are looking for a charm or tie tack in sterling.


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WHO WE ARE                                                      

Weingarten Gallery was founded in 1967 to manufacturer fine jewelry in Dayton OH, a few years later the Director of the Air Force Museum asked us if we could make a charm of the 1903 Wright Flyer in Sterling Silver. We did and it started us off to a collection of over 450 charms, tie tacks, and military/USAF insignia. Today we have expanded to include very high quality reproductions of US Wings from the first 1913 wings to WWI and II and even a many current wings and insignia for our military when they want to wear real silver. In addition we still make jewelry and many other fine items in sterling. Most of our items are made in sterling silver and 14k Gold. In 2003 we were issued by the Department of Defense the hallmark for current military insignia "W32."  We were located in Dayton, Ohio the Birthplace of Aviation and home of the Wright Brothers until 2006. We are now located in Indianapolis to be near family. We have supplied many fine jewelry stores such as Cartier and many museums, such as the Museum of the United States Air Force, Smithsonian, EAA and others with our work.


What I make.

We have charms and tie tacks of most aircraft since 1903 and a great deal of insignia in charms, tie tacks and full size wings since 1913. So if you are looking for that wing that was worn on a uniform in defense of our nation, drop us a line and we may be able to help you. In addition we have a full line of jewelry and many other items such as miniatures for dollhouses but everything is in 14K gold or Silver. No cheap junk metals. We are also happy to help people ID military wings to assist in you placing items up for auction, just e-mail us a photo and we will happy to assist. But US items only. We also offer repairs and restoration of sterling insignia with a fast turn around time.

Restoration and a catalog. I do restorations  of US Wings and other US insignia, missing a pin back I can fix it, have a wing with a hole in it, the odds are I can fix it.  This site only shows part of everything I make, for a complete list ask for our electronic catalog, its now over 300 pages and growing. In a way its more of a history of US Wings than a catalog. Maybe some day it will be a history book. Send an e-mail to for more information on either restoration or the catalog. Also see below for a downloadable link for the catalog.

We are the last manufacturer in the United States making insignia in Sterling Silver. We hallmark our current insignia with our IOH number W-32.

Military Jewelry

This section features Military Jewelry for both the person in uniform with class rings for each service to sweetheart jewelry for our military to give to those waiting at home.

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World Wide - We ship everywhere.


Complete Catalog

Want our almsost entire catalog of over 1200 insignia and 400 aircraft charms, then go to this link and you can download the catalog. Also with the catalog is a history on WASP wings and War Eagles as well as information on hallmarks and military insignia manufacturers. More items than listed on this sales site. It's almost like getting a book on wings for free.

 Primarty link - just go to this link and you can download the entire catalog.



I am very proud to say almost all insignia shown in our listings is Made in the USA. Even the pin backs we use are all made in the USA. I am one of the few companies who do actually make insignia and the last one making insignia in sterling silver.


Need a wing or badge repaired such as solding on a pin back. I do that also. Send me a photo of what needs to be fixed and I will get a quote back to you right away. But US items only.

Need to get in touch my e-mail is


We are handling military colletcions from estates as a service to families. These are listed on eBay under Indyestatesales. Please take a look.

Joe Weingarten


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