While I may have a few books to sell, in many cases I will just tell you about a book that I recommend and where oyu can obtain it. Some of these books are only avalable from authors.

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Civil Aviation Wings of Europe - 3200 Wings and badges from Continental Europe.


Field Guide to Hallmarks and Buttonbacks of US Military Insignia, 4th edition - a complete guide to hallmarks used to ID manufacturers of US Military insignia miliarty buttons. Now available in soft or hard cover.

$39.00 - $49.00

Field Guide to US Paratrooper Badges - a comprehensive illustrated guide to hundreds of paratrooper badges to aid the collector community.


An Encyclopedia of Wings and  Insignia of Pilots and Crews of United States Aircraft, 8h Ed


The most comprehensive book on pilot wings ever assembled on civil wings of the United Kingdom.

Was: $59.00
Now: $49.00

AFR 600-35 Prescribed Service Uniform

This is the 20 August 1943 version of the 10 November 1941 document.


Current US Military Uniform Regulations Free Download