AAF - Distinguished Aerial Bomber Badge


This is a museum quality reproduction of an extremely rare badge. The Distinguished Aerial Bomber was authorized in 1926, retroactive to 1925 and first awarded in 1928. The first badges were made by Rock Island Arsenal and after 1929 until 1932 by Baily Banks and Biddle, Co. The badge was awarded to those who had the highest scores in matches held at Langley Field between 1925 and 1932. Initially their were two categories for the competition, Heavier than Air and one for Balloons. The Balloon category was ended after the first year. This only 9 of these were ever awarded.  Naval Pilots were allowed to compete but never won. Making this an extremely rare item. Here is a chance to have one for display. It is doubtful that an original will ever come to market. This reproduction is die struck brass and gold plated. The top bar is 1 7/16 inches wide the disk section is 1 5/16 inches wide.